Land Ahead

Overall, this course taught me how to better engage with the methodology of teaching. I learned how to define the tools incorprated into aspects of reading /writing/teaching  with regard to the stage of teacher and students. Mostly, I learnes how to better help my students by ensuring their academic voice develops through the highest standards of achievement at their pace. “Errors” help the teacher to assess and guide and need not be snuffed at. Neither should the academic rigour of learning be bypassed to accomodate a lack of enthusiastic academic engagement with texts.

The informational texts we read during this course expanded my knowledge base of basic writing, curriculum development, author bio analysis, and theory and practice of basic writing pedagogy. I feel enlightened by the design and instructors application of theories with us. My peers are all very passionate and knowledgeable about the topic and I feel enlightened by their input and discussions too.



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